Monday, 29 October 2012

LVG 349B

LVG 349B do you have any stories?

Koops Surf Shop

No registration for this baby but if you know the owners of Koops Surf shop give them a shout.

FBY 503H

FBY 503H anyone got a story for this beauty?

FGO 272T

FGO 272T Hayburner.

NSL 506

NSL 506 surely has seen better times, did you once to own it?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

MUX 653F

MUX 653F Looks like it has a tale to tell, did you once own it?

AM 90 44

AM 90 44

MR AA 838

MR AA 838

UNV 501R

UNV 501R

AFM 761A

AFM 761A - Do you own it? Have you owned it?


OCR 76E have you any memories of this vehicle?

WKX 367E

 WKX 367E date first registered 18/7/1967
Do you, or did you own this campervan? Let us know its history, got any stories?

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